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Nexo Insurance, 2019
— UX Case Study —

  • Background

  • Until you need it, most of us don’t think about insurance. But if you start a business, insurance is one of the first things you have to think about.

    For any business, exposure to risk is inherent to operations like signing a commercial lease or being a target for lawsuits—so for business owners, getting a policy to protect their business is a given. The challenge is to find an insurance company that provides a policy reflecting the needs of the business. This challenge is even greater for business owners like CrossFit Affiliate gym owners who operate with unique needs due to unique operational risks.

  • Deals
  • Challenges

  • Like most insurance, until there's a claim, there's no meaningful value that the buyer receives for being a policyholder. Even though insurance policies can vary quite drastically between insurance carriers, customers usually focus on just one thing when deciding to buy insurance: price.

    Customers usually focus on just one thing when deciding to buy insurance: price.

    The primary reason that Nexo loses customers to competitors is price. Because Nexo offers the most comprehensive coverage with their insurance policies for Affiliate owners, they can't lower their prices to beat their competitors. To incentivize customers to continue to renew year-after-year, and attract prospective customers, Nexo decided to implement a Member Deals Program that provides exclusive deals and benefits to policyholders. They turned to Avenir Interactive to build the website for this program, and I led design.

    There were a couple of high-level requirements for the project:

    • Only policyholders should be able to use a benefit offered by Nexo

    • Prospective customers should be able to learn about the program and see what benefits they could receive by becoming a "member"

  • Deals
  • Approach

  • Information Architecture

    Provided with a list of member benefits program partners, deal info, and some logo images for each company, we designed a system that can effectively communicate the information we had today while also providing flexibility for the future.

    The result of our work was a modular "Deal Card" that provides a summary for an individual deal and can be displayed in a grid layout on the "Deal Page".

    • Each card represents a benefits partner company that can contain one or more deals

    • A badge can be displayed for each deal as "featured" or with custom text (ex. "new")

    • Card image proportions are designed to make most logos look good

    • Deal info (for members only) can be viewed in an overlay by clicking a CTA

  • Deal Card (Wireframe)

  • Image Thumbnail

    Deal Card (Prototype)

  • Experience Design

    There are a couple different existing properties that we could modify to accommodate the deals page: 1) the marketing website 2) the web portal where policyholders manage their account, view insurance documents, file a claim, etc. We wanted to design a high-quality experience that could be implemented with the least amount of effort to test if the program was going to be effective.

    Design a high-quality experience that could be implemented with the least amount of effort

  • Image Thumbnail

    User Flow

  • Image Thumbnail

    User Scenarios

  • Rather than create a marketing website page and a web portal page for prospective customers and the member/policyholder, respectively, we created a design system that utilizes shared layouts and components that could be used for both user types. We combined the user experience into a single workflow that could accommodate varied display in information for each user with strategic placement of calls-to-action on the existing properties to direct users to this new experience.

  • CTA (Wireframe)

  • Image Thumbnail

    CTA (Prototype)

  • We designed an overlay that displays information depending on the policy status of the logged-in user. If the user is not logged in (prospect), they see a call-to-action to "apply for a policy" to see the deal info. If the user is logged in and has an active policy, they see the deal details.

  • Image Thumbnail

    Deal Details Overlay (Logged In)

  • Image Thumbnail

    Deal Details Overlay (Logged Out)

  • Results

  • Nexo Insurance now has a new Deals Page that utilizes the existing web portal and Admin CMS that can easily be repurposed to accommodate data on program usage and customer feedback. Because of how much of the designed components are shared between the different user experiences, the new feature was built in less than 10 hours using the existing web app styles and infrastructure.

  • Image Thumbnail

    Deal Page (Prototype: Desktop)

  • Deal Page (Prototype: Mobile)


  • Credits

    • UX/UI Designer — Christopher Newman

      Head of Strategy — Jason Gorelick