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Concept Development, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Wireframing, Front-End Development, Brand Identity System, Motion Design, Logo Design, Copywriting

  • Metal Rabbit is a marketing and reputation management firm based in Brooklyn specializing in social media and digital marketing campaigns for film, television, entertainment brands, and talent across all major platforms.

  • Promote the launch of METAL RABBIT with a website and social media campaign that emphasizes the company's expertise in creating intrigue through a bespoke digital presence.

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From Low- To No-Poly

Metal Rabbit Logo

Before diving into a new website, we needed a singular source of truth to guide the design. Naturally, we wanted our logo to play this role.

At first, the idea of moving away from the low-poly design of the Metal Rabbit logo was unintuitive. The geometric shapes and shadows played well as a reference to the rabbit as metal. Plus, like freshly cleaned metal, it looked very polished.

But ultimately, we decided that making a literal reference was secondary to the main purpose of the logo: to be instantly recognizeable and well-suited for any digital application.

Nice To Meet You

With the logo in place, Metal Rabbit set out to design its website to operate as a digital handshake. We wanted interactions with the site to feel warm and natural.

Of course, nothing can replace the value of a real-world handshake. It's a fundamental point of connection that both literally and figuratively establishes a link for people to communicate.

Regardless, we felt the sentiment of starting a conversation in a natural way with a handshake was crucial to embed throughout the design. Without the gesture of a handshake, or whichever culturally relevant gesture of equivalence, a conversation can feel distant and cold.

  • Moving away from a more traditional corporate aesthetic where wordmarks and mission statements are propped up against urban imagery, we chose to mix reductive minimalism with eye-catching motion elements.

    The serif and sans-serif font pairing combines prestige with approachable, which aligns with Metal Rabbit’s dualistic identity as a reputation consultant to top industry executives and as a strategy firm for social content.

    Overall, the site’s minimalist design reinforces Metal Rabbit's expertise as a digital agency, with lots of negative space bringing the notion of a blank canvas to suggest our focus on our partners' online identities rather than our own. The obscured rabbit logo further reinforces this idea while also representing the company’s position as a black-ops industry leader in reputation management.

Motion Strategy

With visual elements reduced to basic form and color, the compositions take inspiration from geometric abstraction to convey honesty and humility. In the words of Piet Mondrian, "The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel."

The compositions became less about intrinsic meaning and more about emotion, and other than music, nothing stirs emotion quite like movement.

The morphing animation that occurs upon loading the website grabs attention and pays homage to Metal Rabbit’s work in entertainment marketing through a transition that’s reminiscent of a curtain opening. But for the user, the movement is about their experience—an honest interaction with no veiled intentions.

Out-of-sight Insights

Previously, the website featured in-depth content informing about our work. But we chose to forego this approach for three primary reasons:

  • We wanted to set the tone from the beginning that we place the responsibility on ourselves to do the heavy lifting. Our goal in our partnerships is to provide results, not homework.

  • We wanted to create a time-conscious user experience by reducing the amount of content. Time is our greatest commodity and respecting our user's time is respecting our user.

  • We wanted to connect with users in a natural way that mirrored a real world interaction, like a handshake.

  • The removal of industry knowledge content from our main site signaled a departure from the one-size-fits-all approach. We tailored strategy to the needs of each client and wanted our site to reflect that. So we reserved the main site for top-level overview only and made deeper, custom analysis available upon request.

    The minimal site design provided an ideal template for personalized microsites delivering customized strategies and proposals.

Metal Rabbit Website

Rethinking @MetalRabbit

Before the brand refresh, Metal Rabbit's Instagram page served as a best-of channel for our creative. But with designs delivered for a wide range of films and industries, our page lacked an identity of its own.

Aesthetically speaking, it was difficult to see a common thread between promotional material for Sing Street and Cartel Land, for example.

When Instagram gave users the ability to share posts with multiple photos and videos, we saw an opportunity to improve how we showcased our work. We organized each post as an individual project and designed thumbnail images that carried over the visual system established by our website and fit together into a larger image when viewed as a grid.

Year-over-Year Growth

We launched the new site at the end of 2017. Here's some insight on how it performed in 2018:

  • arrow_upward5.2%


  • arrow_upward15.4%


  • arrow_downward8.4%

    Bounce Rate

  • arrow_upward187.3%

    Session Duration

With regards to lead generation, we aimed for higher quality and lower quantity by removing our contact form and presenting our company email address without the mailto link, which made the process of getting in touch more deliberate.

Our research indicated that users who wanted to get in touch preferred to copy/paste our email address into their mail client of choice. Although we weren't able to track this behavior, our inbox consistently full of qualified leads was a good indication that the site was working.

Out of the above metrics, the increased session duration stands out considering how much content we removed from the site. This finding suggests that our users were more engaged by the site's natural flow and innovative design.


  • Credits

    • CD/AD/DEV – Christopher Newman

      Founder & CEO – Bryce Tom

      VP, Entertainment – Ian Tarbert

      Director of Digital Operations – Matthew Cleckner

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